The Don Bosco community envisioned in 1998 that quality professional education in computing as a realistic strategy to guarantee the employability of the rural youth. BICS InfoTech was begun to provide professional education. Sixty students were admitted per year for the one-year and three-year academic programmes. BICS signed memorandum of understanding with CDAC-Pune and IGNOU to conduct diploma and degree programmes.

The institute functioned under three wings: Bosco Institute of Information Technology (BIIT), the professional Education wing that prepared students to become employable and obtain degree from IGNOU; Bosco InfoTech Services (BOSCO ITS) for software development and training for the graduates who passed out of BIIT; Arivagam (in 2006) as a knowledge centre. While the students did BCA Degree from IGNOU, a rigorous postgraduate Diploma in Information Technology (PGDIT) was offered for the students. BIIT educated more than 1200 rural students in a span of fifteen years, as professionals in Information Technology. Most of them are place in the industry or service sector as developers, testers, graphic artists, technical writers, hardware technicians and teachers.

The primary objective in professional training was making them effective communicators with proficiency in English. The students from the rural background are to speak and write in English fluently within three months. 100% job placement is the end result of complying with the requirements of the institute.

It’s a divine meditation that in the 50th year of Francis Guezou’s arrival (1962-2012) at Yelagiri Hills, BICS InfoTech was upgraded to Don Bosco College, affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University. The inception of Don Bosco College at Yelagiri Hills is a golden milestone in the history of Don Bosco Centre (Yelagiri Hills) to provide higher education services to more students. Today, the affiliated college has various departments offering various programmes of study. Don Bosco College strives continuously to apply indigenous methods and strategies to make the students qualified, employable and live an integrated life.