Computer Science

  • Vision

To produce professional leaders in the field of software development who shall enhance the technological strength of the region and the country.

  • Mission

To keep space with the emerging trends in Computer Science and Technology.

  • Objectives
  1. Producing a class of computer professionals
  2. Achieving academic excellence
  3. Nurturing the students of yesterday into resolute builders of the future
  4. Discover the ultimate in the field of Computer Science and Technology
  5. To strengthen the computer literacy missions of the Government
  6. To make the forthcoming generations aware of computer education
  7. To impart technical and interpersonal skills to the students
  8. To produce computer professionals who can face not only the present but also future challenges of I.T. Industry
  9. To provide I.T. based solutions to the society

The department of computer science prepares its students for the afore mentioned objectives. The students from the department brought laurels to the department by participating and winning various inter college competitions, IT fests etc. The Department offers Under Graduate programme, B Sc Computer Science and also Post Graduate programme, M Sc Computer Science. The Department is likely to start M Phill programme in the forth coming academic year. The department functions seperately for UG and PG. The Department also celebrates the annual festive event Boscon.

Click here for the Syllabus of B Sc Computer Science

Click here for the Syllabus of M Sc Computer Science

  • Faculty

Mr S Immanuvel

Assistant Professor & Head (UG)

Dr J Isac Gnanaraj

Assistant Professor & Head (PG)


Mr Kriushanth M

Assistant Professor (PG)

Mr Shinoj Robert

Assistant Professor (UG)

Ms Vanisree

Assistant Professor (UG)

Mr Manivanan

Assistant Professor (UG)