Department of Mathematics

  • Vision

An excellent study center to pursue mathematics with enthusiasm and commitment

  • Mission

To develop mathematical skills and aptitude among the students by promoting a joyful environment for learning mathematics and acquire higher degrees and/or employment.

  • Strategies
  1. Strengthen the learning experience of students through participation in the classroom, student oriented seminars, and other related activities
  2. Provide computational skills necessary todayDevelop
  3. The ability to critically interpret numerical and graphical data
  4. Develop and enhance the students' problem-solving skills.
  5. Encourage and reinforce critical thinking skills of the students.
  6. Develop the students' ability to intelligently communicate mathematical results in both a written and oral format.
  7. Encourage staff members of the department to undertake professional development opportunities that make educational excellence possible.

The Department of Mathematics of Don Bosco College was started as one of the earliest departments in the year 2012. The undergraduate programme, B Sc Mathematics was started in the year 2015. The Department also celebrates the annual festive event named RHO

Click here to see the syllabus of BSC Mathmatics



  • Faculty

Mr Victor A

Assistant Professor & Head

Rev. Fr. T Sathinathan Sbd

Assistant Professor

Ms Suganya R

Assistant Professor

Mr Tamilarasan S

Assistant Professor

Ms Sarthaj

Assistant Professor

Ms Shakila C V

Assistant Professor

Mr Aldring J

Assistant Professor