Educative Pastoral Plan

Education and Culture

  • To inculcate the art and skill of life-long learning and application of acquired knowledge.
  • To promote a campus culture which in turn helps every student to conceive and develop relationships with nature, with each other and with God. Culture embraces everything in life of a people.


Evangelization and Catechesis

  • To deepen one’s faith in God through various spiritual exercises and input sessions.
  • To facilitate every Christian to grow in the new life that has been given to him/her in baptism.


Groups and Movements

  • For a younger the group is the best environment foe efficacious self-development: the place where he can grow at a personal affective and relational level and find solutions to his problems. The college promotes and animated groups for formation and social action.
  • While every student is a member of the twelve youth groups, the students are encouraged to participate in state-level and national forums and movements.


Vocational and Career Guidance

  • Vocational guidance is the crown of our educational and pastoral activity. The college provides a preparation of life choices, with appropriate advice and encouragement.
  • We do it by attending to the guidance of the young in a double direction: towards the maturing of their human and Christian vocation, and more specifically towards the realization of the particular vocation of each one.
  • We help youngsters to understand that each one’s existence is a vocation, because he/she is called to live according to the image and likeness of God. Life understood as a vocation clarifies the relationship between the human person and the world, the common destiny he has with others.


Social Consciousness

  • We educate to a sense of moral, professional and social responsibility.
  • We share in the witness and commitment of the Church to justice and peace. It means taking sides in a peaceful and courageous struggle for justice, for creation of a real spirit of brotherhood, to draw attention to those in greatest need, and to raise the level of public morality.


Human Rights

  • With human right as a frame of reference, inclusion, tolerance, and respect for diversity enter into college life, leaving little room for discrimination.
  • We begin to relate to each other not as a rich or poor, dark or fair, passed or failed, but as human beings made equal by the rights we share.
  • Human Rights Education upholds the fundamental rights of every individual and brings us closer to becoming a rights-respecting, global family.


Social Communication

  • We promote systematic media education as a powerful means for developing young people’s critical and creative abilities with regard to media. Every young person needs to be well equipped with tools to communicate effectively.