Resource Centres


            ARIVAGAM facilitates learning environment and opportunity for all students, associates, and stakeholders to share their learning outcome, work experiences and corporate strategies respectively. The objectives of Arivagam are: Creating internal (structured and non-structured) and external knowledge repositories; Improving knowledge access through kiosks, browsers, online references and technical expert referrals; Enhancing knowledge environment that encourages use and sharing of knowledge resources among students, trainees, staff, researchers and stakeholders; and Managing and distributing knowledge artifacts as product and measuring knowledge contribution in success areas. Arivagam functions under following areas:  Print Library (eBLIS), Digital Library (DSpace), Learning Resource Centre, Corporate Training Centre, Knowledge Bank, Media Services and Virtual Museum.



                                                                         Mr C P Paul Rajayia                                    Mr K Soundrarajan

                                                                              Librarian                                                     Asst Librarian



         Besides the regular course activities conducted by the Departments, the Guezou Computer Centre (GCC) provides facilities for the students to maintain the personal laptops and use them on need basis as per the stipulated norms of the college.


                                            Mr K Vijaya Kumar                      Mr R T Govindaraj                      Mr R Thamothiran

                                             GCC Administrator                        GCC Assistant                           GCC Assistant