A student must involve at least 160 hours in extension activities in a span of four semesters to get the University Degree. The student’s performance is evaluated by the Directorate of Extension Activities on the following parameters.

  1. 30% of grading for Regularity in attendance
  2. 50% of grading for Active Participation in classes/camps/games/special camps/programs in the college/District/Stat/University activities
  3. 10% of grading for Exemplary awards/Certificates/Prizes
  4. 10% of grading for Other Social components such as Blood Donation, Fine Arts, etc.

Every student needs to join as a member in one of the youth clubs listed below. Each student must also participate in the Social Reach-Out Programme through the respective classes to have direct experience of insertion into the society. A student may also involve in other extension activities initiated by the college.

Don Bosco College promotes various groups of global, national or dimensional significance. Each group represents a unique dimension of life. Extension activities by the students in the neighborhood and within the campus are organized through these Groups. Each Group has staff representatives as animator and co-animator.

# Youth Club Code Animator President
1 Jesus Youth JY Mr S Clamant Arun Jerry Raj S. Livingston Antony (3CAB)
2 Newman NM Ms T Elizabeth Rani S. Antony Jerson (3CO)
3 Bosco Fine Arts BF Mr S Immanuvel K Hemasri (3CAB)
4 Digital Arts DA Mr G Dhamodharan J. Sathish (3CAA)
5 Bosco NSS BN Mr T Manivannan M. Vignesh (3CS)
6 Blue Cross BC Ms D Vani Sree A. Cynthia Anna Edward (3EN)
7 Citizens' Consumer Club CC Mr S Amuthan N. Monisha (3CS)
8 Rotaract RT Mr G Murugan M. Pugazhanthi (3CAB)
9 Red Ribbon RR Mr S Karthik V. Pratheesh (3CAA)
10 DB Music DBM Mr J Rajesh Kumar J. Lucas Sagaya Raj (2CAA)
11 Small Savings SS Mrs B Sylvia V. Vellingiri(3CO)
12 Bosco Volunteers BV Mr R Suresh Rajan S. Jayaraj (3CAA)
13 Red Cross RC Ms B Kalpana R. Krishnakumar (3CO)
14 Literary LC Ms A Syed Mubeen J. Celestine Jeena (3CS)
15 Green Hills GH Mr A John Vincent P. Rexaline Raja (3CAB)
16 Creative Writings CW Ms M Sharmila M. Valan (1EN)
17 AICUF AICUF Mr S Tamilarasan K. Delhi Babu (3CS)
18 Alternative Theatre AT Dr. A Kumar N. Surya (3CO)
19 Media Forum MF Dr. S Raja J. Anish Kumar (3CAA)
20 Sports Club SP Mr R Ramkumar R. Wilson Raj (3CAB)