Computer Applications


An abode where education and expertice in ICT culminate to achive integrity and excellence.


Stimulate the student community with integral development in all dimensions, knowledge and skillset to become employable in the competative world.



  1. Create an ambience of trust so that students feel free to express themselves.
  2. Help students to be more communicative.
  3. Support students in software application development for better employability.
  4. Support slow/fast learners.
  5. Prepare students to present papers at national conferences or symposiums.
  6. Encourage students to be tech-savvy.
  7. Support students to realize their responsibility in the society.

Programs Offered

 BCA Syllabus

1 Mrs. JAYAMARY A Assistant Proffessor
2 Mr. CLAMENTARUNJERRY S Assistant Professor
3 Mr. AMUTHAN S Assistant Professor
4 Mrs. AROCKIA JOHNSI RANI J Assistant Professor
5 Mr. SHINOJ ROBERT R Assistant Professor
6 Mr. JOHNBENETIC G Assistant Professor
7 Mr. BASKAR M Assistant Professor
8 Mrs. PRIYADHARSHIN S Assistant Professor
9 Mr. PANDIYAN K Assistant Professor