A center for acadamic excellence, professional expertice and contextual research in English studies (Literature and Language).


Promoting an intellectual climate through artistic creation and innovation, inculcating among the students a critical reading of the self and society with the aim of developing them as responsible and socially sensitive citizens.




  1. Enhance students proficiency in English language skills. (i.e. LSRW)
  2. Promote an ambience for historical investigation of texts
  3. Create a nuanced understanding of canonical and non canonical literary and other cultural text
  4. Provide ambience for creativity crucial to English studies through theater production
  5. Equip students with the requisite language and literary knowledge and skills that will make them effective in choice of their career
  6. The department of English implements the above statigies through English literary association The department of English and communication prepares the students to become effective communicators in English and to taste the ecstasy of literature both for their personal and career growth. It helps to improve their proficiency in language as well as in literature through various literary activities organized by the department’s literar association. The department started its UG programme in 2014 and about to start the PG programme in forthcoming academic year. The department also caters the language needs of the freshers through the extension: Communicative English Academy. The Department also celebrates the annual festive event BosLit in the month of February


Programs Offered


      BA English


      MA English





1 Mr Sam Surya Assistant Professor & Head
2 Mrs Rekha Surya Assistant Professor
3 Ms A Syed Mubeen Taj Begam Assistant Professor
4 Ms Kalpana B Assistant Professor
5 Mr R Sureshrajan Assistant Professor
6 Mr John Vincent A Assistant Professor
7 Ms Pricilla S Assistant Professor
8 Mr P Madhan Assistant Professor
9 Mr A Alish George Assistant Professor
10 Mr Johnson Prabhaharan Assistant Professor
11 Mr Arokia Preveen Assistant Professor
12 Mr Jeneof Angetine Assistant Professor