​ Don Bosco College reopened for the academic year 2019-20 on 17th June, 2019 with the inaugural holy Eucharist Mass to invite the blessings of God. The prayer service was followed by the stage function. The inaugural programme of the academic year 2019-20 saw in a plethora of ideas with Rev. Fr. John Alexander SDB, Rector & Secretary welcoming the gathering, wherein he put forward four priorities for this academic Year. The four priorities are as follow, 1.Academic Excellence, 2.Communication Skills, 3.Enhancing the living conditions in the campus and in hostels, 4.Clean, Green and youth friendly campus. The provincial in his light hearted address with the students commented that all must come in to the campus with a happy face and happy mindset and that in turn will bring in great ambience. He also gave in many tips on how to enjoy your learning process. He quoted that when we stop learning, we cease to grow and we become old eventually. He brought in these tips through a beautiful anecdote of two people gardening adjacent plots where in one prospered and other became a barren land. All must happen with true enthusiasm. When work is a pleasure, Life is a Joy- Maxim Korkey. To make this happen he gave three important priorities. i.e., 1. Enjoy your stay and studies, 2. Consistent learning, 3. Focus. The secretary’s message was followed by the Principal’s address wherein he mentioned about the need of the hour- “employability skills and communication skills”. He also introduced the newly appointed faculty in various departments. The Vice principal then brought in the general rules of the institution and The Deputy principal insisted on the fee payments and other important instructions regarding the examinations. The input heavy sessions was followed by a light hearted play by the Bosco Theatre Club. The Programme got over with the college anthem.