It’s customary that in all the Salesian Institutions every six years the representative of the region would visit all the houses for further quality improvement of the house and the institution. Thus as a part of visitation Rev. Dr Maria Arokiam, Regional Councilor , South Asia, India, visited DBCY. He met the staff fraternity for a dialogue. During the meeting he affirmed that for any institution ‘Staff are real the assert to an institution’. He foregrounded that DBCY aims at the two priorities of the institution1. Taking education to the poorest of the society i.e. SC, ST etc. who are socially-economically deprived sectors of the society. 2. Giving quality education in accordance with recent trends and ICT. Subsequently he listed out the two challenges that had been faced firstly since the college is very young and green we struggle to get admission according to the expectation of the university. Secondly he reiterated that staffs are not qualified according to the norms of the university to teach in a college, which is very challenging task for all with recent protocols of the either getting PhD or qualifying with SLET or NET. In addition to that he talked about God and Man-where man tries to control like the god which is improbable. Finally he added that to survive in the field of higher education one must have to incessantly read and update which is seminal aspect of a teacher in higher education. The dialogue got over with feedback from the staff wherein everyone participated actively and conversed with him.