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English for Life

Posted On : 14 Jul 2019


English for Life, formally known as EFL is a course offered by Communicative English Academy to all the first year undergraduate students of Don Bosco College (Co-Ed). The course held in the month of June 2019. All the first year students were divided into seven different groups according to their major departments. Seven faculties were the class coordinators. A team was established to handle each class and this team was headed by the class coordinator. This year activity based methodology was introduced; hence the syllabus was framed to fulfill the requirement of the new methodology. The entire held for four weeks.

First week, students were given some inputs and activity. From second week onwards they were given fundamental grammar. Every day there were three session, first session was input session, in this session faculty will take fundamental grammar and they will give some exercise in the fundamental grammar, Second one was activity session, here students were divided into different dynamic groups and the students involved into group activity such as homework corrections, Translating stories from one language to another and Identifying new vocabulary. Third session too an activity session . Here all the boys and girls were divided into two groups. Boys went for reading practice and girls went for linguaphone in the jubilee hall. Linguaphone session was organized by Prof. Sam Surya. Reading practice session was handled by all the class coordinators. In the third week all the students went for class outside the classroom formally known as COC. COC gave a great experience and earning opportunity to the students. Every weekend, weekly test was organized by the class coordinator along with CEA coordinator, based on their performance in the weekly test, the students were categorized into three levels as A-Poor, B- Moderate and C- Good. The final evaluation held on 29th June 2019. All the students were assessed for LSRW skills. The course will continue for the entire year.