Code of Conduct


1. The College functions between 8:45 AM and 4:00 PM. Five hours of regular classes and additional hours for extra/skill - development courses.

2. Attendance is taken for every scholastic exercise, be it lecture or practical class of any kind prescribed by the college time table.

3. Late comers are not be admitted to the classroom without the explicit approval of the Deputy Principal/ the Vice Principal.

4. No student shall absent from the college without submission of leave letter. Application for leave must be made to the Head of the Department, countersigned by Parent/Guardian/Warden. When the absence is due to unforeseen causes, an application for leave must be submitted on return. In case of sickness, medical certificate should be produced to the HOD. (Note: Submission of leave application with/without medical certificates does not entitle a student to earn attendance for the days of his / her absence).

5. All students must be present on the re-opening date of every semester. Those absent will be levied a fine. No leave will be allowed (except in special cases), for the days prefixed or suffixed to any stretch of holidays.

6. In special cases like sports, camps and other official works assigned by the college, the Vice Principal/ Deputy Principal may grant free attendance. Certificate of attendance should be submitted to the college office immediately after the event.

7. Those who lack minimum of 75% attendance will not be allowed to appear for the semester examinations. Those who have less than 55% attendance must repeat the semester.

8. Those who are absent without proper approval from the Head of the Department needs to pay a penalty non- compliance fee.

9. Any student who is absent continuously for more than 5 days without submitting leave letter should meet the Principal/Deputy Principal, with the parents guardians before joining the class.


10. There are two components in the evaluation of every semester namely Continuous Internal Evaluation (CIE) and Semester Examination (SE). The CIE takes place during the course of the semester and the Semester Examination shall be conducted at the end of each semester by Thiruvalluvar University.

11. Students will not be allowed to appear for CIE tests/ university examinations, if they fail to bring Identity Card. Hall Ticket is also required for semester examinations. A student who resorts to malpractice in an internal CIE test will be given zero mark for that test.

12.  Grievances in matters regarding CIE are attended to by the course teacher and Head of the Department. Grievances in matters regarding the end semester examination are presented to the Controller of Examinations in the University through the Head of the Department and the Principal.


13. Boy-students are to wear trousers and tucked-in shirts with collar.  T-shirts of any kind is prohibited. Girl-students are expected to wear chudidhar.

14. All students should wear identity cards (easily noticeable) certified up-to-date, when they are in the campus and when they represent the college in any forum. A student must produce it to the duly appointed security guards on-duty at the gates for entry and exit.


15. The medium of instruction and language of communication is English. Students are expected to converse always in English. Those who violate this language rule are dealt seriously.

16. Students shall conduct themselves in such a manner as not to bring discredit to the college or to themselves. The good name of the college is in the hands of the students and the college authorities will not allow any student to defame it.


17. Students should be courteous and gracious towards staff members. Any disrespect shown to them will be considered as a serious offence.

18. Students are expected to conduct themselves inside and outsides the college as gentle persons and maintain the honor and dignity of the academic community to which they belong.

19. During working hours, the students cannot leave the campus without permission.

20. Use of mobile phone is strictly forbidden in the college premises between 8.45 a.m. and 4.00 p.m. The offenders will be fined Rs. 1,000/- and mobile phones will be confiscated for the acadmic year.

21. Any problem created within or outside the campus with regard to boy-girl relationship will lead to subsequent dismissal from the institution.

22. Boys and girls eloping with college mates or getting married to them, during their period of study, will call for dismissal from the institution.

23. Students who come drunk or in possession of liquor or any drug will either be dismissed, suspended or debarred.

24. Any student found to be indifferent or careless in one's work or whose conduct is detrimental to the best interest of the college, may at any time be suspended or dismissed from the institution with forfeiture of the fees paid.

25. Any college fine, by whomsoever imposed, must be paid to the Student Welfare fund account of the college.

26. Students are forbidden to organize or attend any meeting in the college or collect money for any purpose without the explicit permission of the Principal. Severe action will be taken on the erring students.

27.  No student shall be a member of any association not-connected with the college, without the permission of the Principal nor shall a student take part in any antisocial and subversive activities.

28. Students are forbidden to remove or tamper with the furniture of the college. Severe action will be taken against such students and the loss shall be made good. If the offender is not traceable, a collective fine will be imposed.

29. Smoking, littering and defacing the walls and furniture are punishable offences.

30.  Whoever directly or indirectly indulges, participates, abets or propagates ragging within or outside the college, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to two years and shall also be liable to a fine, which may extend to Rs. 10,000 (Vide L.No. 5/2/Ragging/3/A-III/2000/2003 dated 21.07.2000 University of Madras).

31. According to Section 5 Chapter VII of Madras Educational Rules, “Any student convicted of an offence under Section 4 shall be dismissed from the educational institution and such student shall not be admitted in any other educational institution”.

32. Graduate and undergraduate students on the rolls of college are forbidden to take active part in political agitation directed against the authority of the Government. Principal may further, at his discretion, forbid students to engage prominently in any public movement.

33. The original certificates submitted by students at the time of admission shall be returned when a student completes his/her study programme or earlier if a student must leave the college. Production of no-due certificate to the office is a must to issue the certificates.

34. Students are advised to keep with them photocopies of their certificates before submitting the originals to the office. Requisition for original certificates once submitted in the office will not be entertained.


35. Any student, past or present, who needs to get Conduct, Bonafide, Transfer or Study Certificate must apply to the Principal in the prescribed form. The Issue of Certificate requires a minimum processing time of 24 hours after the request is submitted. Original certificates will be given only in person.

36. Students in general are expected to reside with their parents, with guardians approved by their parents or in College Hostels.

37. Students admitted to College hostel, shall abide by the rules and regulations of the Hostel. Absence from the hostel at night without permission is a serious offence. It leads to dismissal from the hostel immediately. A student dismissed from the college loses automatically his enrolment in the Hostel.


38. Parents / Guardians are requested to co-operate with college authorities in the formation of good character, in maintaining regularity in attendance and progress in studies of their children / wards.


39. Parents / Guardians are advised to check, in person with HODs / Vice Principal regarding the attendance of their children / wards. For every semester, parents meeting is organized by the management. The parents are advised to attend these meetings to know about the performance of their children.