Green Campus

Fr. Guezou Herbal Garden (Iyarkai Maruthuva Mooligai Thottam


To create optimum awareness and interest amongst the common students about Medicinal Plants.

To organize large scale farming through Entrepreneurs /  Local Self-Government Authorities including contract farming involving small, marginal and middle class farmers in their own land surrounding such large scale farming.

To create interest among the students to give some important hebrs to them by their own carrying the herbs will grow in good condition then we have to make use of that herbs.

 To create the importance of the Ayurvedhic Medicine to the students by conducting some awareness programme with the help of Siddha Doctors.


Dense Forest


  1. To set up a dense forest in each of the village of Yelagiri Hills in an area of 1000 square feet each
  2. To monitor and maintain the forest for three years until each forest becomes self-sustainable
  3. To increase the biodiversity of the Hills by facilitating more local plants, birds and insects
  4. To develop a system of creating and maintaining Miyawaki Forest so that every village (at least in 100 villages) from where
  5. DBCY students hail has a dense forest developed and maintained by the students and the villagers.