Don Bosco College, Yellagiri Hills

(Affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University)

Guezou Nagar, Athanavur, Yelagiri Hills.

Vellore District, Tamil Nadu 635853

Bosco Outreach

# Name Animator Co-Animator
1 Jesus Youth Mr Clament Arunjery S Mrs Johnsi Rani J
2 Newman Mr Shinoj Robert R Ms Vasantha Rani G
3 Bosco Fine Arts Mr Immanuvel S Mr Kriushanth M
4 Digital Arts Mr Dhamodharan G Mr Naveen A
5 NSS Mr Sri Ram R Mr Baskar M
6 Blue Cross Ms Vasantha Rani G Mrs Shakila CV
7 Citizen’s Consumer Mr Amuthan S Mr Arul M
8 Rotaract Mr Murugan G Ms Preethi Priya Malar A
9 Red Ribbon Mr Karthick S Mr Vijayakumar K
10 DB Music Mr John Benetic G Mrs Priyadharshini S
11 Small Savings Mrs Sylvia B Ms Vimala Mary A
12 Bosco Volunteers Mr Suresh Rajan R Ms Juli Mattena M
13 Red Cross Mrs Kalpana B Mr Alish George A
14 Literacy Mr Amal Raj B Mr Paul Rajayia C P
15 Green Hills Mr John Vincent A Mr Madhan P
16 Creative Writing Ms Pricilla S Ms Vinitha R
17 AICUF Mr Aldring J Mr Victor A
18 Bosco Theatre Dr Kumar A Mr Johnson Prabaharan J
19 Media Forum Dr Raja S Mr Manivannan T
20 Sports Mr Ram kumar R Mr Avinash N
21 Electoral Literacy Club Mr Arockianathan A Mrs Nalini P


Every student has a direct village reach-out applying some scientific and systematic methods to know a village from multiple perspectives. This is realized by three-days camp when the students stay in a village and have face-to-face interaction with the children and the people.

Further, the students make at least three visits to the target -village and adopt some development programs with people’s participation. These initiatives cultivate a community sense among the students and enriches them with social and managerial skills.