Don Bosco College, Yellagiri Hills

(Affiliated to Thiruvalluvar University)

Guezou Nagar, Athanavur, Yelagiri Hills.

Vellore District, Tamil Nadu 635853

Youth Clubs

The college promotes twenty-one clubs (groups) of global, national or local significance. Each Club upholds a dimension of life such as sports, social, voluntarism, spirituality, ecology, fine arts and likewise. Clubs facilitate the integral formation of the students.

Clubs organize programmes in the neighborhood as department-extension activity. Each Club has a staff representative as animator. The vision, mission and goal setting of the clubs are revisited every year, guided by the animators.

Methodology for Club Meetings

  • Begin with an open sharing among members, of their life experience. 

  • This should be based on the vision and objectives of the Club.

  • Examine the sharing in the light of time-tested

  • principles and laws of the society and nature.

  • Go beyond the immediate causes and motives which pretend to justify certain injustices.

  • Take strong decisions which include programs and activities which members try to live out as individuals and collectively. This brings out the desired change both among members and in the wider society.